Apple Support Ordered to Hush Over Radiation Allegations

( – France has just banned sales of an iPhone model because it says the popular device emits too much radiation. Now Apple has ordered its staff not to comment on the issue. The company says there’s no problem with the phone; it’s down to the test used in France.

In mid-September, France suspended sales of Apple’s iPhone 12, after tests on the phone found it was exposing users to prohibited levels of electromagnetic radiation. Apple has now said it will release a software update to French users that will bring the phones back within permitted limits. So far, they’re only doing this in France — but other EU countries are now voicing concerns, and that could force Apple to release the update more widely. So is the iPhone 12 a safety risk for US users?

Apple says no, it isn’t. They’ve challenged the results of the French tests, pointing out the fact that since the iPhone 12 was released three years ago it’s been tested, and found to be safe, by testing authorities all around the world — and the only time it’s ever failed was in the recent French tests. The company said, “This is related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators and not a safety concern.”

Testing cellphones and other devices for their radiation emissions is routine, but in 2020 France changed the test it uses. Normally devices are tested at a distance of 5mm from the sensor to simulate using it, but France has now added another test, at 0mm.

While some EU countries are following France’s lead, others are playing down the test results. Belgium’s minister for digitization said his own testers are looking at the iPhone 12 again and initial results are “reassuring.” Denmark’s Health Authority says their assessment shows “that you can continue to use your iPhone 12 without concern.” Outside France, nobody seems too worried.

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