Apple Deletes “Tinder for Unvaccinated” for Not Having Correct Views According to Media

Apple Deletes

( – It seems big tech companies are still struggling with the idea of freedom of speech. Apple has just pulled an app from its app store because it didn’t toe the party line on COVID vaccinations.

On July 31, Apple removed the Unjected dating app from its online store. Unjected was set up several months ago by two women from Hawaii who saw a gap in the market after Tinder, Bumble and other established apps started pushing the White House message on vaccinations. The site offered dating opportunities to “people that support medical autonomy and free speech” – until liberal news site Bloomberg targeted it with a vicious op-ed on Saturday.

Within hours of the article appearing, Apple deleted Unjected from the app store, basically making it impossible for iPhone users to install it. In an email, Apple accused the app’s owners of referring to the COVID pandemic “inappropriately.”

Following Apple’s move, Google Play has also marked the app as “under review,” claiming it says unacceptable things about the vaccines. Unjected’s Instagram account also appears to have been deleted; Facebook, another big tech company with liberal leanings, owns Instagram.

It seems you can’t even go on a date now if you don’t do what the government tells you.

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