Apparently Nothing Is Sacred

Apparently Nothing Is Sacred

( – Violent vandals have targeted statues all over the country and destroyed many. In Boston, for instance, protesters beheaded a likeness of Christopher Columbus. If defacing historical monuments and the like wasn’t bad enough, now they’re going after religious symbols.

In Washington, DC, protesters tried to take over Lafayette Square and make it the next Seattle. During the failed uprising, they spray-painted St. John’s Episcopal Church. Presidents as far back to the 1800s have prayed in the building.

Far-Left activist Shaun King told his followers statues of Jesus should be taken down if he looks like a “white European.” In his view, that’s “white supremacy.”

Is nothing sacred anymore? Yes, Jesus was born in the Middle East, that’s never been disputed. However, the Bible says God created man in his own image so it would make sense that people believe Jesus, His Son, looks like them. It has nothing to do with white supremacy. It’s time for the Left to get a grip.

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