AOC’s Meltdown on House Floor May Have Just Hurt Her Cause

AOC's Meltdown on House Floor May Have Just Hurt Her Cause

( – For years, rumors have circulated that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) would challenge Senate Majority Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for his seat in the US Senate. AOC, as friends and foes alike call her, hasn’t confirmed those reports, but she has told reporters she wasn’t ruling out the option. However, a recent meltdown may have thrown a wrench in her chances of winning were she to go that route.

On September 23, cameras captured AOC shedding ‘crocodile tears’ after the House passed funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile interception system days after she and fellow progressives stripped it from a temporary government funding bill.

Her apparent tantrum prompted several news agencies to predict her theatrics may very well have cost her the chance to unseat Schumer. After all, an emotional display like that over funding for an Israeli defense system might not sit well with Jewish voters. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has long said a “vast majority” of New York Jews are Democrats.

Additionally, Fox News political analyst Jessica Tarlov warned although AOC has managed to show a high level of political savvy, running for statewide office was “a whole other beast.”

Continuing, Tarlov noted that appealing to New York voters left little room for support for any anti-Israel policies. “Crossing Jewish voters… is inadvisable,” she concluded.

New York State’s Democratic head, Jay Jacobs, already urged AOC not to run against Schumer in the 2022 primary, predicting Schumer would win by an overwhelming margin. Time will tell what she ultimately decides to do, but her political aspirations could result in a premature end to her career.

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