AOC’s Latest Bonehead Move

AOC's Latest Bonehead Move

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is demonstrating her “big brain” take on something she has no expertise on yet again.

You see, sometimes even the Dems try to do something good for the American people, like Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing bill. However, AOC seems to think that the new bill is unfounded and not justifiable to pass in its current form. Of course, her analysis of the bill sets aside the fact that the bill would allow the government to negotiate for lower prices on prescription drugs. Somehow, this is a bad thing to AOC, so she’s voting against the bill.

Though it may not be clear to her, AOC is acting against the interests of the American people she seems to advocate for. As one average Twitter user put it:

Even AOC’s Democrat colleagues are critiquing her decision. Rep. Kury Schrader (D-OR) said, “I think the speaker understands the politics better than some of our progressive colleagues.”

It seems most House Dems are inclined to go along with Pelosi’s drug bill, especially with the risk of potentially losing moderates if progressives like AOC get their way.

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