AOC’s “Influence” in Question After Her Endorsed Candidate Loses in NYC


( – Going by the amount of attention she gets in the media, you’d think Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), AOC, was the most powerful and influential legislator in the US government. However, it seems her ego and influence have been exaggerated as a “progressive” mayoral candidate she endorsed has crashed and burned spectacularly.

New York City Democrats recently voted in the city’s mayoral primary. The Big Apple is AOC’s home ground, where she’s most popular, and if she’s going to have an impact anywhere, it should be there. So, when she endorsed Maya Wiley for the primary, there were high expectations for the progressive candidate.

Wiley, at first glance, ticked all the right boxes. A civil rights activist and woman of color, she’s solidly on the left of the Democratic Party and loudly supports the “defund the police” campaign. With AOC’s endorsement on top of all that, how could she go wrong? But when the time came to vote, she didn’t even make it to the second round. Instead, the city’s Democrats selected ex-police captain – and opponent of police defunding – Eric Adams.

There’s no doubt AOC is still very popular in her own district, but outside that – even in other parts of New York City – her word doesn’t seem to carry a lot of weight. That’s going to be reassuring for Republicans who’ve been wondering how far the loudmouthed congresswoman could go in politics. So far, it looks like, outside her own home ground, the answer is not very far.

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