AOC Under Pressure as Rivals Circle

AOC Under Pressure as Rivals Circle

( – Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) caused a stir in 2018 when, after a shocking primary win, she unseated veteran Rep. Joe Crowley from his congressional seat. Now she’s facing the same threat as 12 other Democrats filed to run against her in the next primary on June 23.

Talking to supporters Saturday, AOC said she wants to see four times the voter turnout of 2018. Admitting that she took the seat on a low turnout, she says her goal is to get 60,000 votes this time around and urged, “We need to start creating a turnout machine right now.”

On the face of it, AOC’s seat is probably secure; as part of the notorious far-left “Squad” she has a huge media presence, and she’s also built up a large campaign fund. However, she’s made herself unpopular with mainstream Dems and lacks appeal with centrist swing voters as well as some of her constituents.

The primary in June could be very telling. We’ll keep you posted.

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