AOC “Threatened Border Officers”

The media has been full of outrage stories over the last few days, following a visit to a border detention center by a group of leftist politicians — including notorious noise generator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who can always be relied on to start a controversy where none existed before.

Since her trip to the border, AOC has been telling everyone who’ll listen about conditions in what she insists on calling “concentration camps.” But now, a new picture is emerging — of a group of left-wing authoritarians who used their visit to spew fake news and insult a hard-working American border patrol officer. And guess who was the rudest and fakest of them all?


On July 1, several Democrat politicians visited a Customs and Border Protection detention facility near Clint, Texas. They came away with horrifying stories of deprivation and mistreatment, as well as allegations and threats against the Border Patrol officers themselves.

  • AOC claimed at least one woman had been told by officers to drink water from the toilet. However, the rookie congresswoman is now avoiding giving a straight answer on whether or not she actually saw anyone drinking from a toilet. Meanwhile, officers vehemently deny that anything like this ever happened.
  • Pictures from a similar facility have now been released, showing prison-style steel toilets with a water fountain built into the top. Did that confuse the famously error-prone politician? With her professional background as a bartender, she should be able to recognize a drinking faucet, but it’s hard to be sure.
  • Meanwhile, an officer who was actually there when AOC spoke to the woman says the detainee didn’t know how to use the faucet — but she did not tell AOC she was told to drink from the toilet bowl. The officer said, “AOC, of course, changed it.”
  • Another of the visitors, Frederica Wilson (D-FL) is demanding the prosecution of CBP officers for exercising their First Amendment rights in a private Facebook group. Wilson seems unaware that ridiculing politicians is actually legal in the US.
  • Now agents are complaining that AOC behaved in an abusive and threatening way during the visit, screaming at officers around her “in a threatening manner.” It’s also been reported, in a scoop by the Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli, that she refused a properly conducted tour of the facility.
  • The number of illegals detained at the US border has increased every month since January and numbers are heading for their highest in a decade. Meanwhile, detention facilities are underfunded — because Dems, including AOC, won’t let the president authorize the money needed to improve the situation. Seems the Left is all talk and no action — as usual.

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