AOC Supports Anti-Cop Protest, Fare Dodging

AOC Supports Anti-Cop Protest, Fare Dodging

Radical congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) backed an extremist protest Saturday, supporting criminals who jumped subway turnstiles and yelled anti-police abuse. Her move is sure to put her in opposition to the city’s hard-pressed cops, as well as law-abiding citizens.

The protest was attended by up to a thousand far-left activists, complaining about “police brutality” and an upcoming crackdown on fare-dodging. While peaceful protest is a right in a free society like ours, this one involved a leftist mob surrounding a city bus and vandalizing it with anti-cop slogans, while terrified passengers were trapped inside. Other protesters vaulted subway turnstiles to travel without paying.

AOC tweeted a video of masked protesters dodging fares, along with some smug statements justifying this theft of services —

That message was lost on New Yorker Eve Hyman, a 46-year-old schoolteacher who urged protesters to stop yelling abuse at NYPD officers in a subway station. She found herself surrounded by a mob who yelled abuse at her instead. Hyman told reporters she’s sympathetic to the ideas behind the protest but hates the vitriol and outrage on display. AOC, apparently, is fine with it.

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