AOC Starts New Fight With Fellow Dems

Look Who Tried To Stop the Stimulus Bill
Look Who Tried To Stop the Stimulus Bill

Ever since the Democrat left finally figured out that Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is an old white man, his place as the spiritual leader of America’s socialists has been taken over by rookie congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). There’s only one problem with that. AOC might be the Left’s secret weapon, but she’s a totally indiscriminate one — and she’s at least as dangerous to her fellow Democrats as she is to the GOP.


Health care is one of the big issues in US politics, and there are plenty of legitimate views on how it should be delivered. President Trump has his own ideas, of course, and he’s already done a lot of good work on forcing drug companies to cut prices. Naturally, that doesn’t go far enough for most Dems, who want socialized medicine.

  • One of the more popular flavors of socialized medicine right now is “Medicare for all.” This sounds like a winner — why not just let everyone use Medicare? It’s cheap and simple, right?
  • Well, no. Medicare is anything but cheap. Right now, when only retirees and some disabled people can use it, Medicare costs the average American taxpayer more than the National Health System (NHS) costs the average British one. And everyone in Britain can use the NHS.
  • How much would Medicare cost if it was universal? Nobody really knows, except in general terms — which is, a lot. We can’t afford Medicare for all.
  • Democrat presidential candidate John Delaney (D-MD) tried to tell the California Democratic Convention that last week. He probably thought he was giving them a gentle warning — “Medicare for All may sound good but it’s actually not good policy nor is it good politics.”
  • You can always rely on AOC to overreact, though — instead of taking the chance to start a discussion with Delaney on how he thinks health care should be paid for, she blasted him to her thousands of Twitter followers.
  • The socialist firebrand slammed Delaney’s comments as “awful” and told him to “please sashay away.”
  • Delaney might be a Democrat, but he’s also an adult. In a tweet of his own, he reminded AOC that he actually shares her goals — he just wants a plan to achieve them that might actually work.
  • The Maryland politician’s press secretary was less diplomatic, though. Michael Starr Hopkins, defending Delaney’s comments, said “The only person Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez helped with her tweet about Congressman Delaney was Donald Trump. If Democrats are serious about beating the president at the ballot box, we need less political grandstanding and more truth-telling from the Bernie wing of the party.” He’s right, of course — but, happily, there’s no chance of the Democrat Left paying him any attention. AOC can go right on helping President Trump.