AOC Savages Fellow Dems

AOC Savages Fellow Dems

New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left fellow Democrats astonished on Saturday when she launched a furious attack on them through Twitter. According to the renegade representative, House Democrats’ unwillingness to impeach President Trump is more serious than anything the president has been accused of.

Moderate Democrats are starting to back away from the obsession with impeaching Trump, perhaps sensing that the American people are fed up with political games. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example, has said launching yet another impeachment inquiry would be “divisive” and has tried to block the latest attempt.

Of course, Pelosi is a career politician, which maybe isn’t such a great thing to be. AOC is a fanatic obsessed with ideological purity, which is a lot worse. On Saturday she tweeted:

Many Dems openly disagreed with this lurid claim, but AOC is sticking to her guns and continuing to open the splits inside the Democratic Party.

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