AOC Refuses To Back Venezuelan Democracy

AOC Refuses To Back Venezuelan Democracy

World leaders are turning against Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro. Most democratic governments — including the US, all of Western Europe, Canada, Australia and most of Latin America — recognize Juan Guaidó as the country’s legitimate president. The Organization of American States has accused Maduro of committing crimes against humanity. The only backers he has left are a handful of rogue states and dictatorships — Russia, China, Iran and Cuba, for example — and a chunk of our very own Democratic Party, led by socialist loudmouth Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).


Nicolas Maduro “won” a rigged election on January 10th this year — it’s a lot easier to get re-elected when all the opposition leaders are in jail or exile — but his victory isn’t even recognized by his own government; on January 23rd the National Assembly swore in Guaidó as the country’s new president. Unfortunately Maduro, who’s backed by the army, refuses to let go of power. If he keeps hanging on as an unelected dictator he’s eventually going to have to be removed — but many of our own leftists don’t want that to happen.

  • Following controversies about several prominent Democrats announcing that they back Maduro against the Venezuelan government and people, National Review’s John McCormack asked congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if President Guaidó or the dictator was Venezuela’s rightful leader.
  • Incredibly, AOC refused to answer the question. Instead of simply supporting democracy by recognizing Guaidó, she said she would “defer to party leadership” about what position to take on the question.
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  • To call this out of character is an understatement, to say the least. AOC rarely defers to the Dem leadership on anything. In fact, most of the time she’s the socialist tail that wags the Democratic dog — mesmerized by her media presence, most of the party leadership are happy to scuttle along behind her. The idea that she won’t form her own opinion on Maduro is just unbelievable.
  • It’s much more likely that AOC is a Maduro supporter but, knowing how bad this looks even to most Democrats, isn’t willing to say so.
  • AOC isn’t the only freshman Democrat with a crush on the socialist strongman. Her fellow pest Ilhan Omar (D-MN) blames the US for Venezuela’s problems. Leftist fossil Bernie Sanders has refused to say Maduro should step down, and NJ Senator Cory Booker claims he has “nothing to say” on the issue.
  • Meanwhile, most Democrats and all Republicans are united with the rest of the free world in demanding Maduro get out of the way and let Venezuela be a democracy again. This just shows how out of step with reality AOC and other hard leftists are.
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