AOC Named as Suspect in Shocking Investigation

AOC Named as Suspect in Shocking Investigation

( – A far-left congresswoman is now the subject of a major House ethics investigation. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY) was named last Wednesday, but it’s not clear exactly what she’s suspected of doing. The controversial lawmaker has sailed close to the wind on ethics before; has she gone too far this time?

On December 7, the House Ethics Committee released a statement that simply said that a complaint against AOC made in June has now been extended into 2023. The report cautioned that an investigation into a lawmaker “does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred,” but it does raise some questions. The biggest one, of course, is what the investigation is for.

Last September, complaints were made to the Ethics Committee when AOC appeared at the New York Metropolitan Museum’s Met Gala in a dress with “Tax the rich” scrawled across the back — after being handed a free ticket worth at least $30,000 by media company Conde Nast. Because she claimed she was at the exclusive party as part of her official duties, the ticket could be counted as an impermissible gift.

The new investigation may be connected to the Met Gala scandal, or it could be something new. Either way, AOC has now sparked a new ethics investigation, so her political opponents — and she has many of them, even inside her own party — will be watching with interest.

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