AOC Goes Into Attack Mode Against Seemingly Weakened GOP

AOC Goes Into Attack Mode Against Seemingly Weakened GOP

( – A left-wing congresswoman has jumped on signs of Republican disarray after last week’s House Speaker election. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claims the four-day ballot shows how “reasonable” she and the rest of her radical “Squad” have been.

Talking to The Independent on January 7, AOC said the GOP’s struggle to get the party’s official nominee elected as speaker — an ordeal that lasted from January 3-7 and required 15 ballots to get Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over the line — showed how wrong Republicans had been to brand her and fellow radicals Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) as unreasonable. According to AOC, when her group argues with other Democrats, it’s usually a discussion about policies. Republicans, on the other hand, are united on policy; they’re arguing about tactics and House rules.

McCarthy managed to wear down Republican rebels by promising many things. One standout was to adopt a rule that lets a single member of the House trigger an election to replace the speaker. Senior Democrat Jim McGovern (D-MA) has already called the new rules a “ransom note to America from the extreme right.”

AOC’s problem is that it mostly isn’t Republicans that have been calling the Squad unreasonable; the bulk of the criticism comes from fellow Democrats. While AOC’s Democratic Socialist agenda has appeal among radicals, it’s a lot less popular with mainstream Dems, many of whom think it’s electorally toxic. The congresswoman did touch on that, complaining about the unfairness of criticisms “even when they come from our side of the House.” She went on to accuse some progressives of being as bad as “these insurrectionist Republicans.”

One of AOC’s other complaints about the drawn-out Speaker election is that it effectively shut down the House for an extra three days while the ballots were held. She claims it’s had “a corrosive effect on our country.” Now it’s up to McCarthy to show AOC that the Republicans are now in control and working as a team.

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