AOC Fuels Dem Infighting

AOC Fuels Dem Infighting

As anyone who understands American elections knows, the Democrats aren’t in a great place right now. Next November they face the difficult task of unseating a president at the end of his first term, which history tells us isn’t easy. It’s even harder when the country’s only had four years of the GOP after a two-term Democrat presidency.

The last president to fall after a single term was George HW Bush, and he was following eight years of Reagan. So, for all the Democrat hopefuls, next year’s election is a big challenge. So it’s not much help when their own party’s so-called “celebrities” are trying to tear it apart.


Right now the Democratic Party, which should be pulling together to choose and support a strong presidential candidate, is wasting a lot of its energy on in-fighting between its traditional and radical wings. Mainstream Democrats haven’t always been that far away from Republicans on many issues — certainly close enough that they can agree to disagree without shrieking abuse at each other. Many of the “new breed” of Democrats are very different, though. They’re hard-left, obsessed with ideological purity and more than willing to turn on their own colleagues.

  • Daniel Lipinski (D-IL) is the US Representative for Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District. He’s held the seat since 2005, and before that, his father had represented it since 1983.
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  • Lipinski is well known as a moderate Democrat. He has center-left ideas on economics but is pretty mainstream on most social issues. He’s pro-life and has voted for Republican bills aimed at protecting the traditional family. He also supports strong security and counter-terrorism policies. Lipinski was the only House Democrat to vote against Obamacare.
  • While Lipinski is popular in his district, pulling in over 70% of the vote at every election he’s contested so far, he isn’t getting on so well with some Democrat activists. That’s probably because he’s spoken out against the party’s leftward drift, crediting the increasing extremism of the American left for President Trump’s election victory.
  • At the 2018 Dem primary in the district, Lipinski was challenged for the nomination by Marie Newman, a member of the Justice Democrats. This hard-left PAC also supported motormouth rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in her run for Congress.
  • Now Newman has announced that she plans to run against Lipinski again next year — and AOC just publicly endorsed her. Talking to the New York Times on Tuesday she said, “Marie Newman is a textbook example of one of the ways that we could be better as a party.”
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  • Newman might be better in AOC’s opinion, but AOC is exactly the sort of hard-left extremist that Lipinski warns are alienating ordinary Americans from the Democratic Party. It’s one thing to hold views that are out of the mainstream, but now the fiery congresswoman is actively trying to unseat one of her fellow Dem representatives. How long can the party last when it’s at war with itself to this extent?

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