AOC Fills in for Bernie at Iowa Rally

AOC Fills in for Bernie at Iowa Rally

( – With Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) tied up at the impeachment trial, the antique socialist couldn’t make a planned campaign rally in Iowa Friday night. Instead, he was represented by filmmaker Michael Moore and loudmouth congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Moore and AOC are both at least as far left as Bernie himself, so they weren’t surprising choices — but what was surprising is that, although AOC was supposed to be representing Bernie, she didn’t mention his name at all.

While Moore bombarded the audience with praise for Sanders, even claiming that Bernie’s speeches made him cry, AOC was a lot less direct. Instead, she used her speech to demand the abolition of the two main federal immigration agencies, CBP and ICE.

She also insisted that the US needs change and not “more of the same,” although she was representing a man who’s been in Congress for almost 30 years and in politics for 50. Sounds a lot like “more of the same” to us.

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