AOC Doubles Down on Defund the Police

AOC Doubles Down on Defund the Police

( – In remarkable fashion, Republicans didn’t lose a single race and picked up 10 seats in the US House of Representatives so far; more could be on the way as votes continue to tally up. According to polls and election experts, the GOP was expected to lose as many seats or more, giving the House Speaker a decisive majority and mandate. Because that didn’t happen, moderate Democrats blamed the party for allowing them to get tagged wrongly as socialists and supportive of defunding the police.

The consequence for Democrats is they now have the smallest majority of either party since World War II.

However, far-left Democrats don’t believe the moderate’s explanation for their losses. Instead, they went on the offensive against them. Their self-assumed leader — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was responsible for running socialist Democrats against moderate ones in 2020 primaries. She had some success, which may be giving her a false sense of confidence that far-left ideas will work all across the country like they do in her district.

AOC Defends Defunding the Police

In a recent town hall meeting, AOC was asked by a 14-year-old to define the meaning of “defund the police.” Instead of reassuring citizens, she doubled down on the need for less funding for public safety with the police at the center.

AOC stated she believes the New York Police Department’s $6 billion budget is too much money. She would like it diverted away from police to mental health workers and school guidance counselors. It’s a two-part problem from her point of view:

  1. The issue isn’t about personal responsibility. It’s about social justice and correcting the real or perceived wrongs of the past.
  2. Because police are oppressors, the money should be given to solve housing discrimination, poverty, and health care inequities. In turn, her hypothesis is that crime will drop.

Something Went Very Wrong

Something along the way failed that led to this kind of thinking. Could it be there are some points AOC has that should be considered despite her bad ideas for a solution? Regardless, the real question is, who is responsible for solving society’s problems?

Is it the individual, faith community, or government? Perhaps it’s a little of all of them. However, it must start with the individual. Religion in America is on the decline, and the government has limitations on what it can and should do.

Perhaps police in lower-income communities that experience higher levels of crime were too overhanded?

If so, it begs a few questions.

Do police need more training?

Why was crime high?

The job of the police is not to solve social issues. It’s to ensure the law is followed and to keep the peace. That’s why they exist and why communities pay a premium to ensure that people live civilly and peacefully together.

People across America made it clear that they don’t want to defund the police.

Republicans are Poised to Win Big in 2022

Until AOC and the far-left start talking with people who see things differently, they will make it easy for Republicans to win elections. According to polling company FiveThirtyEight, a division of ABC News, Republicans are on track to win the House majority back in 2022. If Democrats overplay their hand, go too far left, and push for ideas like defunding the police, they could find themselves out of power for a long time.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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