AOC Contender Steps Up

AOC Contender Steps Up

The Right has railed against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) ever since she took over the public spotlight, and for good reason. She’s a socialist who wants to dismantle America from the inside out so she can fund her personal $300 haircuts. Sadly, it seemed like only Republicans saw through AOC’s thin veneer of manufactured credibility.

Until now.

Fernando Cabrera, Democrat, Pastor, and New York City Council Member, is stepping up to challenge AOC’s dominion over her constituents. This is causing a great uproar in leftist social circles. Some, like this Twitter user below, are delusional enough to believe that AOC stands a chance against a more moderate and reasonable Democrat:

Only a Democrat is going to be able to defeat her, and it’s going to be a moderate Democrat. She’s a no-show in the district. She hasn’t brought about anything except division within the party.

-Fernando Cabrera

While we hope one of the seven Republicans running against her can win the election, and although Fernando is a Democrat, anyone is better than a far-left radical socialist, like AOC, holding a seat in Congress.

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