AOC Confirms Biden Will Move Left if Elected

AOC Confirms Biden Will Move Left if Elected

( – Even though Democratic nominee Joe Biden acknowledged he will be the most progressive president ever if elected, many liberal pundits in the media keep claiming he’s a moderate candidate. However, on Thursday, September 17, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had something to say about that.

AOC didn’t get everything she wanted in the Democratic National Convention (DNC) platform in July. She even stated that Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) was concerned that Biden isn’t far-left enough. However, that didn’t stop the young firebrand socialist from saying that she believes Biden is weak enough to be pushed into adopting the remainder of the far-left platform. She wants to see Biden move more left on social justice, marijuana, foreign policy, and the Green New Deal climate agenda.

AOC’s comments will undoubtedly be used as fodder by President Trump. On the campaign trail, the president often says that Biden will be a “Trojan horse” for the far left of the Democratic Party.

Over the last few months, Biden has been forced to compromise with the far-left wing of the party to woo their votes. The question is, will moderates in the party abandon him before the election if they believe he will move too far to the left if he wins?

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