AOC Claims Bill ‘Shouldn’t Be About Numbers’

AOC Claims Bill 'Shouldn't Be About Numbers'

( – As a former New York City waitress and bartender, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) probably shopped like the rest of us. She selected an item, checked out her pocketbook or credit line, and made an appropriate purchase. Too bad she doesn’t appear to have carried that kind of common sense approach to lawmaking. Take, for instance, her attitude on the controversial reconciliation bill.

AOC defended her tax-and-spend attitude regarding the Democrat’s partisan infrastructure bill during a recent interview on CBS News on Sunday, October 3. According to her, everything is ‘hunky-dory’ with the measure. Well, except people keep talking about its proposed $3.5 trillion price tag.

In AOC’s view, the conversation should focus on the substance of the plan. She doesn’t think the debate should be over “top-line numbers.” Nope, according to her, “this conversation shouldn’t be about numbers.” Instead, it should be about the various programs (and entitlements) included in the measure and which ones Democrats are willing to fight for, and which ones they can exclude from the package.

Few Americans would argue against free childcare, a college education, and a host of items included in the Democrat’s reconciliation bill if someone offered to pay for them. However, back in the real world, money doesn’t grow on trees. If AOC gets her way, generations of hard-working Americans could end up footing the bill for her grand ideas.

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