[VIDEO] AOC and Fire Don’t Mix

AOC and Fire Don't Mix

The third round of DNC primary debates had plenty of controversial highlights. One of them, unexpectedly, came in the form of a political ad. The 30-second clip, created by New Faces HOP, a Republican PAC, started with a picture of AOC being burned to reveal a pile of skulls.

Judge for yourself:

This advertisement was clearly focused on the evils of socialism and its slippery slope towards brutal authoritarianism, and solely about AOC.

Pointing out the bloody history of socialist governments shouldn’t be shocking or particularly controversial. However, Leftists are saying AOC deserves an apology and they believe the ad was an endorsement of white supremacist beliefs.

Do you think this political ad went too far, or is it making a point that the Left doesn’t want to address? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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