AOC Aide Quits Suddenly

AOC Aide Quits Suddenly

( – Firebrand New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has lost one of her top aides in a surprise resignation. It’s the second high-profile resignation in a year, and while it probably won’t calm AOC down, it could put a serious dent in her chances of re-election. That isn’t going to please her, but the array of moderate Democrats vying to take her seat from her will be delighted.


Corbin Trent, the spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez’s reelection campaign, abruptly resigned his position Sunday.

  • Trent made the announcement Sunday, after being contacted by a journalist. However, he refused to give any more details, referring reporters to AOC’s campaign manager Rebecca Rodriguez. Rodriguez also refused to answer any questions.
  • The link between Trent and AOC goes back to around 2017 when he became a co-founder of the Justice Democrats PAC. The PAC was set up to push the election of left-wingers to Congress with the aim of “rebuilding the Democratic Party from scratch.”
  • In the 2018 election, Justice Democrats endorsed 79 candidates in the party’s primaries, and 26 of them won their contests. These included AOC and the three other members of her notorious “Squad.”
  • Trent went on to join AOC’s campaign team and became part of her staff when she took up her seat in 2019. Initially, he was her congressional communications director, but last summer she moved him to the team working on her re-election campaign.
  • Another Justice Democrats founder, Saikat Chakrabarti, quit AOC’s team last year. He wasn’t very communicative about his reasons either, but he stayed involved in Democrat politics. His next position was with another radical group, New Consensus, that focuses on climate issues.
  • On Tuesday, Trent told journalists that he’s now working for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. So, like Chakrabarti, he hasn’t abandoned the Left – just AOC.
  • AOC is a prominent supporter of Sanders, who shares her “democratic socialist” beliefs, and has campaigned with him around the country. However, she doesn’t get on so well with mainstream Democrats, who see her radicalism and high media profile as an electoral liability. She’s also raised hackles by refusing to pay party dues and scheming to topple moderate Democrats.
  • At least 12 Democrats are believed to be planning to challenge AOC at the next primary. Right now she’s the favorite to win again, but without the veterans of her first campaign to help her, that could be a little bit harder than before.

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