Antitrust Investigation Into Google

A group of 50 attorneys general from across the nation is taking a deep dive into Google in search of potential violations of antitrust laws.

Silicon Valley Leftists may be quick to react with “the Right is targeting us unfairly!” Not only is this laughably ironic, it’s also a false claim. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) and Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl Racine (D) are leading this charge against the tech giant. This is clearly a bipartisan movement.

Google has a dominating presence when it comes to advertising and information curation thanks to its incredibly popular search engine and solidified position in the market.

This project isn’t a lawsuit, yet. Currently, this is an investigation of the evidence available to determine the facts. Kent Walker, Google’s chief legal officer, claims that the company will be compliant with the attorneys general.

We have answered many questions on these issues over many years, in the United States as well as overseas, across many aspects of our business, so this is not new for us. The DOJ has asked us to provide information about these past investigations, and we expect state attorneys general will ask similar questions. We have always worked constructively with regulators and we will continue to do so.

-Kent Walker

Time will tell if Google lives up to its word and complies with authorities during this investigation.

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