Antifa Threatens the President

Fact Check: Is President Trump A Russian Agent?
Fact Check: Is President Trump A Russian Agent?

Well-known far-left hate outlet, Incendiary News, isn’t exactly known for unbiased, factual reporting. That’s why you won’t be surprised to hear what we say next. Extreme-left hate site Incendiary Watch recently posted an article not only threatening Border Patrol agents and ICE members, but also directly threatened the life of President Trump – for little more than being someone’s boss.
These violent psychos will stop at nothing to find reasons to engage in a murder spree. They MUST be stopped!


• In the quickly-deleted post, author Ulrike Salazar accuses Border Patrol agents of murdering innocent people, calling them “killers in brown-shirt uniforms.”
• Salazar also suggested that all agents are equal to lone wolf serial killer, Juan David Ortiz. Ortiz was convicted for the murder of at least four women. A fifth managed to escape from the violent predator’s truck, exposing his sick actions to the authorities and stopping him from harming anyone else.
• Ortiz’s actions were unconscionable, but it’s utterly ridiculous to suggest that all of America’s Border Patrol agents are serial killers. There isn’t even a viable comparison to make, but this is exactly what the left does.
• What comes next is especially frightening: a call to murder US citizens and government workers in their own tracks – including our President.
• “The entirety of the Customs and Border Protection, their Border Patrol agents, and ICE, like its parent and grandparent, the U.S. Government and American settler-colonialism imperialism, must be destroyed from without, not within,” Salazar writes. “Now is the time for war.”
• As for just how real the risk really is, it appears to have at least some merit. The Incendiary Watch writer states that, “Revolutionary organizations throughout the country such as the Red Guards appear to be organizing among the immigrant masses in forming defense units,” suggesting they are “rallying around the shared slogan of ‘fight ICE with fire!”
• While Antifa is nothing but a terrorist hate group of little substance, the Red Guard’s involvement is a little bit more concerning. This is the same Red Guard that caused significant chaos in Beijing in the 1960s – a Maoist rebel group capable of nearly anything if giving the opportunity. They are well-known for killing both “militia targets” and innocent bystanders, including teachers and everyday workers they labeled “intellectuals.”
• If you still aren’t familiar with the Red Guards, you might know about a more recent event they held right here in the United States. Red Guards Austin not only created, but lit on fire and burned an effigy of President Donald J. Trump in an incredible show of disrespect.
• Moreover, these so-called Red Guards are not only violent, but also dirty Commies. A quick scan of their posts and you’ll see them calling each other “comrades” and encouraging youth activists as young as 14 to get involved in a “united red front” against the POTUS.
• But here’s the bigger problem: it’s impossible to judge risk until you judge your source, and figuring out just who the hell Ulrike Salazar even is proved to be a significant challenge. What little information we did find left us with questions: is he even a legal American himself, or just another deplorable from Central or South America?
• Certainly, his words read like an illegal or undocumented immigrant. Upset at having to follow the rules. Upset at having to prove his identity. Calling the brave Border Agents who protect us from harm every single day “fascists,” while comparing ICE to the Gestapo. it’s all of little substance and mostly designed to fan the flames of hate and start a war.
• Still, a threat is a threat, especially when you include the President in your sights. It appears that at least two lead activists involved in spreading the rhetoric have been arrested and charged for doxxing and threatening ICE.