Antifa Fails to Spark New DC Violence

Far-left crime gang Antifa made another appearance in Washington, DC, on Saturday, July 6 — but thanks to active policing, they weren’t able to carry out their trademark rioting and mass destruction of property. Instead, the mob, who had planned to disrupt a free speech rally, were reduced to radical poetry and political artwork. Funnily enough, this didn’t exactly pull in the crowds. There were problems further from the event though, with some police failing to enforce rules on the extremist group and allowing them to harass journalists.


One of the most depressing things about the US today is that free speech is, increasingly, something that has to be fought for. Luckily, plenty of Americans are willing to join that fight, as we saw at the Demand Free Speech rally in Washington, DC, recently.

  • The rally included a range of mostly right-wing speakers, including Gavin McInnes, Laura Loomer and the gay immigrant Antifa loves to hate, Milo Yiannopoulous.
  • Of course, the reason most of the speakers were right-wing is that the modern left doesn’t seem to like free speech very much. In fact, they’re obsessed with restricting speech as much as they possibly can, constantly declaring that a growing list of words are racist, homophobic or — as a handy excuse when nothing else seems to fit — “triggering.”
  • Sure enough, Demand Free Speech attracted a pack consisting of several hundred leftist activists, including a large contingent from Antifa. Luckily, a heavy police presence around the rally itself prevented the violent extremists from disrupting it.
  • Most of the lefties found themselves corralled into an enclave on Freedom Plaza where they could be entertained by radical art and performances, including poetry by Xemi, a “two-spirit trans woman of color,” or possibly a man in a dress.
  • Unfortunately, not all the city’s police were as motivated or reliable as the ones surrounding the venue. At least one Antifa member spent most of the day in the neutral zone between the rally and the protest — the whole point of a neutral zone is that activists aren’t allowed in it. The police did nothing to remove this individual.
  • More seriously, there was serious harassment of journalists, especially from the right-wing Daily Caller. Antifa thugs tried to block cameras, then pushed and manhandled reporters. The police didn’t get involved and even disregarded concerns about the violence. It seems like some police in Democrat-controlled cities still aren’t properly educated about what side they’re on — the law’s.

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