Anti-Trump Reporter Asks Trump: “Do You Regret All Your Lying?”

Anti-Trump Reporter Asks Trump: “Do You Regret All Your Lying?”

( – Remember when journalists were impartial and just reported the news? Well, lots of journalists apparently don’t. President Trump was subjected to a shocking ambush at his Thursday, Aug 13, White House press briefing – an ambush perpetrated by the notoriously left-wing Huffington Post, and gleefully reported by the equally liberal Guardian.

According to The Guardian — a British broadsheet regularly mocked for not spell checking, never mind fact-checking — Shirish Dáte, the White House correspondent for the Huffington Post, has “waited five long years to ask Donald Trump one question.” Dáte finally got the chance last Thursday, and his question turned out to be stunningly childish. With a whole range of topics to choose from – the Chinese virus, November’s election campaign, the left-wing riots tearing American cities apart or the president’s recent triumph in Middle East peace negotiations – the 56-year-old Indian-born reporter couldn’t think of anything better to ask than “Do you regret all the lying you’ve done?”

President Trump gave this juvenile question all the respect it deserved – he moved right on to the next reporter, leaving Dáte whining to a dead mike.

This clearly isn’t journalism, just a petty act to attempt to disrupt, provoke and humiliate Trump. Thankfully he was too classy to take the bait.

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