Another Violent Hollywood Movie Controversy

Another Violent Hollywood Movie Controversy

Have you ever noticed how many violent movies are churned out of Hollywood every year? Meanwhile, leftist actors and directors love to denounce violence in all forms while they profit from creating violent imagery for society to “enjoy.” Their hypocrisy doesn’t end there, though.

Earlier this year, Hollywood almost released a movie called “The Hunt” that made sport out of killing “deplorables” at a luxury resort. It was a nod to Hilary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and a thinly-veiled reference to Trump supporters. THAT was okay for Lefties, but the new “Joker” movie centered around a homicidal maniac isn’t acceptable.

What’s their logic? Apparently, the Joker might glorify killing sprees — which they think is in bad taste in light of the numerous mass shootings this year. Even though the movie is based on a character from a comic book franchise existing for 80 years, this particular portrayal of violence is too much for Liberals to stomach.

Below is an interview with Todd Phillips, the writer-director for “Joker,” defending his creative vision in spite of the backlash from the snowflake culture.

According to Hollywood, portraying violence is only okay if it makes them money and reflects their political values.

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