Ann Coulter Begs Conservatives to Not Push Abortion Agenda

Ann Coulter Begs Conservatives to Not Push Abortion Agenda

( -Liberals scored a significant victory last week when Wisconsin voters elected Janet Protasiewicz to the state’s Supreme Court. Noted conservative pundit Ann Coulter quickly weighed in on the situation, issuing a stern warning to her ideological allies about their insistence on pushing their abortion agenda.

Shortly before midnight on April 4, Coulter posted an urgent message on her Twitter account with a link to a New York Times article discussing the implications of Protasiewicz’s win. Her included text warned fellow Conservatives that their ongoing demand for legislation targeting abortion “just cost Republicans another [critical] race.”

Alluding to last year’s Supreme Ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Coulter pointed out that the pro-life movement had already “WON.” Abortion is no longer a constitutional right, she reminded her followers. Coulter concluded her post pleading with conservatives to “stop pushing strict limits on abortion,” or there won’t be any Republicans left.

Coulter didn’t elaborate on the reasoning behind her claim that Republicans’ pro-life stance cost them the election. However, there has been a widespread acknowledgment of its impact within some political circles.

For instance, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel touched on the issue during a recent Fox News interview. She all but conceded anti-abortion crusades are wildly unpopular. Republicans have a “messaging issue” regarding abortion, she explained, adding, “I’m a suburban woman, I know.”

Protasiewicz appeared to hone in on the aversion to the solid pro-life stance taken by her Republican rival and former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, Daniel Kelly. The New York Times recently reported that she calculated “voters would reward her” for making her position clear on abortion rights and the state’s districting maps, noting those issues “animate and energize” the Democratic Party’s base.

Making matters worse, Protasiewicz’s victory gave liberal justices control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court that conservatives had held for 15 years. The shift in power will play a huge role in the upcoming 2024 elections since the justices will weigh in on voting and districting issues.

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