Andrew Cuomo Blew $106 Million in Taxpayer Money on Abruptly Cancelled Project

Andrew Cuomo Blew $106 Million in Taxpayer Money on Abruptly Cancelled Project

( – The clock appears to be running out for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). On August 3, investigators working for the NY Attorney General’s Office issued a report finding that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women in violation of state and federal law. Now, a new scandal is brewing regarding a years-long multi-million dollar pet project of his.

On Mother’s Day 2017, Cuomo launched his “New York Harbor of Lights” project with a spectacular light display on the Empire State Building and New York City’s new Kosciuszko Bridge, linking Brooklyn and Queens. The lights flashed in sync with music airing on multiple iHeart stations.

The idea was to transform New York City’s massive bridges into a multi-colored LED festival as part of an effort to attract tourists and transform the city’s economy. However, four years and $106 million later, officials quietly dropped the project.

The failure of Cuomo’s office to fully explain the project’s funding sources could account for the decision to halt the project. Additionally, widespread criticism likely helped unplug the project as well. Critics have questioned the need for such a project when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority lacks sufficient funds to upgrade and maintain city services. Optics are one thing, but the reality of disintegrating public transportation services should have taken priority.

Will this mounting scandal lead to yet another investigation into Cuomo’s sketchy practices as governor?

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