Amy Barrett Signals Disparity Between Bodily Choice for Abortions vs. Vaccinations

Amy Barrett Signals Disparity Between Bodily Choice for Abortions vs. Vaccinations

( – One of former president Donald Trump’s nominees to the Supreme Court has just shown a huge inconsistency between Liberal views on abortion and vaccination. Is this a clue to her thinking on the key abortion case the Court is considering right now?

On December 1, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, one of three justices nominated by Trump, made an interesting point during oral arguments in the latest Supreme Court case on abortion. The case, centered on a new Mississippi law banning the procedures after the 15th week of pregnancy, represents the biggest challenge to the landmark Roe v Wade decision in years – perhaps since it was first handed down in 1973.

While questioning Julie Rickelman, director of the Center for Reproductive Rights, Barrett acknowledged one of the key liberal arguments against restrictions on abortion – that they interfere with a woman’s right to decide what to do with her own body. Then, she casually slipped in a comparison that’s potentially devastating. “There is without question an infringement on bodily autonomy,” she said, “which we have in other contexts like vaccines” (emphasis added).

Rickelman chose to ignore the comparison, which probably isn’t surprising. It’s an interesting dilemma for liberals, though. They can’t use bodily autonomy as an argument against abortion, then ignore it when it comes to vaccine mandates – and, with the Biden administration likely to call on the Supreme Court as lower courts repeatedly strike down the mandates it’s imposing, Barrett’s words could cause a few sleepless nights in the White House.

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