America’s Diverse Christmas Traditions

America’s Diverse Christmas Traditions

It’s Christmastime and that means all across the United States families are preparing. They’re stringing lights up on their homes, sitting in the kitchen with their kids and making Christmas crafts while cookies bake in the oven. The carolers are caroling and making spirits bright. Children are making lists, while their parents prepare themselves (and their bank accounts) for those lists.

America is a unique place, though, and it’s full of diverse traditions.

Aside from the “normal” stuff people do this time of year, here are some special Christmas traditions from around the country:

  • Americans really enjoy marathons, so of course, there are ugly Christmas sweater runs all over the place.
  • People along the great Mississippi River celebrate the season with huge bonfires.

  • In North Carolina, people put on their hiking shoes and climb Chimney Rock with Santa.

  • In Florida and California (probably other coastal states, as well), you can watch boat parades. Boat owners deck their vessels out with Christmas decorations and show them off.
  • Weird Christmas trees are another tradition. For example, a Christmas tree made of sand in West Palm Beach and another made of tumbleweeds in Chandler, Arizona.

  • In the south, parents put oranges in Christmas stockings
  • In the southwest, people weigh lanterns, made from brown paper bags, down with sand and illuminate them with a candle on Christmas Eve.

Christmas traditions are as different as the people in our country — and that’s why it’s so great.

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