Americans Want Biden To Reveal His Cognitive Health

Americans Want Biden To Reveal His Cognitive Health

Biden’s COGNITIVE HEALTH – Americans Are Worried

( – Many of us have probably used cue cards at some point. They’re a great tool when you need to follow a complicated procedure or deliver a long speech. But when our chief executive needs a cue card to tell him to sit down, maybe there’s a problem — and people are noticing.

A new poll shows that Americans continue to worry about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities. The survey, carried out by McLaughlin & Associates from June 17-22, found that 58% of voters now believe Biden should take a cognitive health test and share the results with the public. Just 30% said he shouldn’t. Polls have shown similar results since last December, suggesting there’s real concern about the president’s fitness for office.

It’s unlikely these concerns are going to go away anytime soon — because Biden keeps fueling them. Last week, during a meeting with wind power executives, an apparently confused Biden held up his cue card instead of a graphic of wind turbines. The card reminded the president to carry out difficult tasks like “YOU take YOUR seat” and “YOU thank participants.” Did his staff think there was a real risk he’d forget to sit down?

The cue card sparked fierce criticism on Twitter, with Daily Wire editor Cabot Philips sarcastically noting “I’m sure every global leader needs step by step directions for walking into a room.” But, while it’s easy to joke about Biden’s ineptitude, last week’s poll shows that Americans really want to know if the president is capable of sitting down without being told to.

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