Americans Told to Flee Amid Reports of War Crimes in Ethiopia

Americans Told to Flee Amid Reports of War Crimes in Ethiopia

( – There may be hope yet. The Biden administration completely messed up the withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan, resulting in the abandonment of untold numbers of American citizens in the war-torn country. However, US Embassy officials in Ethiopia appeared to respond quickly to a recent United Nations report detailing the possible commission of war crimes there.

On Tuesday, November 2, Ethiopian officials declared a state of emergency due to rising levels of civil unrest accompanied by armed conflict. The US Embassy issued a travel advisory the following day, calling on all Americans located in Ethiopia to consider taking steps to depart the country. It also urged US citizens to “seriously reconsider” any travel plans that include a visit there.

According to the embassy, “further escalation is likely” and could create “communications blackouts and [transportation] disruptions,” further complicating the ability to evacuate quickly should the need arise.

The embassy posted a list of steps for Americans in Ethiopia to take. The list included extreme measures like drafting a will and designating proper life insurance beneficiaries. The embassy also urged Americans to discuss funeral plans and their wishes regarding the future custody or care of children, pets, personal belongings, and other tangible assets.

If you plan on international travel in the future, you might consider the US State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive travel alerts and advisories. The program also makes it easier for others to locate you in the event of an emergency.

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