Americans Not Welcome in “Occupied Zone”

Americans Not Welcome

( – We’re now a week into the occupation of six blocks of downtown Seattle by a left-wing collective that’s declared a “no cop co-op” in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. It’s a great experiment in how a real socialist society will turn out. Guess what? It’s an intolerant hellhole. Is anyone surprised?


Antifa and BLM protestors have seized control of the area surrounding Seattle’s Capitol Hill. The protest organizers are doing their best to create tolerance by forcing their beliefs on everyone else – especially patriotic Americans.

  • President Trump has ordered Seattle’s mayor and Washington’s state government to regain control over the rebellious area. So far that hasn’t happened, but ordinary Americans are helping to remind the anarchists that they’re only temporarily – and illegally – in control.
  • There have been rumors that outlaw biker clubs, including the Hell’s Angels and Mongols, are planning to expel the leftists who control the Zone. These rumors have been denied by a founding member of the Hell’s Angels, but founding members don’t actually control the gang’s chapters, so a biker assault can’t be ruled out.
  • Meanwhile, other patriotic groups are also offering to break down the Zone’s barricades. Super Happy Fun America is calling for a July 4th gathering to take back control of the area, and while their plans are centered on bikers they’re also calling on non-bikers to bring their vehicles.
  • Meanwhile, ordinary citizens who try to show the flag inside the Zone are being harassed by leftists. A group of citizens who tried to enter the area on Sunday were first asked if they belonged to any organized group, then jeered and told to “go home” by activists.
  • When the group reached as far as the shuttered precinct house that was the focus of the initial protests last weekend, the harassment became more physical. One woman had her flag stolen, and as the group attempted to leave the Zone they had a drink poured on them.

Other activists abused anyone carrying a flag, accusing them of racism. Overall, the crowds inside the insurgent zone showed extreme hostility to the US and ordinary Americans. It’s obvious why President Trump wants law and order restored inside this dangerous socialist enclave.

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