America Is Not Supposed to Be Ruled by “Experts”

America Is Not Supposed to Be Ruled by

( – When the Constitution was ratified in 1787, the Framers didn’t envision that elected officials would be willing to abdicate their responsibilities to unelected “experts.” The United States was founded on the principle that those among the people would govern with checks and balances. However, since World War II, the US slowly drifted from elected representation to an unofficial “expert” rule.

Scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts are all good and beneficial to society and government. However, like anything else, an imbalance can grow when well-intentioned people create unintended consequences. When non-elected “expert” government officials begin making emphatic decisions, the realities of their decisions can cause more harm than good.

Constitutional Principles Do Not Change

Even during a pandemic, the principles of the US Constitution do not change. Those principles are laid in the preamble of the Constitution, which establishes the purpose of government:

  • Establish Justice
  • Insure Domestic Tranquility
  • Provide for the common defense
  • Promote the general welfare
  • Secure the Blessings of Liberty

The challenges in 1787 are still present. The COVID-19 pandemic did not eradicate the vision or purpose of the US Constitution. Anything that can’t fit under one of these principles is NOT an American value. Think of each one as a filter. Then ask yourself; how do lockdowns, restrictions, and many of the far-left policies of today ensure these principles are upheld?

Experts Don’t Care About the Constitution and Unintended Consequences Could Be Devastating

The experts are not trained in Constitutional law, policymaking, or the big picture of how their views affect our values and principles. It’s understandable. However, while it’s their job to express their views, it’s not their job to coerce or manipulate politicians and the public.

Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s old hat to bring up Dr. Anthony Fauci, but in December, the nation’s “expert” on pandemics admitted he lied to America. His visibility makes him the easiest representation of experts who are misguiding America, not the elected leadership.

The pandemic rules recommended by experts overrode the values outlined in the Constitution. Throughout 2020, religious liberties were stripped from churchgoers despite Constitutional protections. The Supreme Court took until late October to rectify it. It didn’t stop there as contradictions abounded everywhere. Small businesses were forced to close while big businesses remained open.

When Florida, Texas, and numerous states began rescinding COVID-19 restrictions, experts like Fauci condemned the governors who took action to preserve America’s principles. The consequences of the expert’s weight over the politicians could be devastating for years to come once emergency restrictions are lifted. Massive home foreclosures, renter evictions, lost small businesses, and lack of income threaten millions of Americans’ futures.

Teacher unions proclaimed for months that they needed to see the science before they were willing to return to work. However, when the science is presented, they say they don’t believe it and still refuse to return to work in numerous states. In the meantime, kids are alienated, hurting, and falling farther behind. The threat to their futures is the consequence.

Experts Are Ruining the Constitution

While the Left loves to tout America’s values, it seems they never read the preamble to the Constitution. Instead of filtering the experts’ recommendations through it, the politicians did what they do best – abdicated their authority.

America’s politicization of experts is creating much more harm than good. The consequences to the nation’s liberties, economy, and our children’s futures will remain long after the pandemic ceases.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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