America Has an Epidemic to Deal With: Tons of “Karens”

( – A recent report indicated that America has a “Karen” problem. But what does that mean? The answer varies greatly depending on who you ask. For instance, the mainstream media defines a so-called Karen as an angry, often obnoxious, white woman attempting to leverage her “privilege” to get her way with others. Noted author Jack Cashill uses a different definition for the term, and perhaps he’s the one to ask, considering he has a Ph.D. from Purdue in American studies and worked overseas as a Fulbright professor. He recently penned an article discussing America’s epidemic of Karens.

On August 16, the WND contributor devoted his weekly column to recounting his recent encounter with a group of Karens. He defines them as “insecure, left-leaning women.” He also mockingly warned others to look out for them lurking on sidewalks, adding that encounters with them could lead to “sleepless nights.”

Returning to his commentary, Dr. Cashill wrote of his recent travails with the board of directors for Fredonia, New York’s Darwin Barker Public Library. A part-time librarian recently asked him to speak about his latest book, “Untenable: The True Story of White Ethnic Flight from America’s Cities.”

However, the head of the library board sent an email to Cashill’s wife disinviting him from his scheduled speaking engagement. The letter advised that shortly after the library announced Cashill’s upcoming lecture, it started receiving a flood of complaints ranging from expressions of “general disbelief to adverse protestations.”

The board member concluded his correspondence, noting that “oddly,” all the negative feedback “came from women.” Cashill quickly clarified that although all Karens are women, all individuals of the female persuasion aren’t part of that woke community.

Cashill devoted the rest of his article to discussing the rising epidemic of Karens and their potential impact on American culture. He warned that if the leftist movement proves successful, Conservatives may as well say goodbye to their right to free speech.

Cashill did leave his readers with a sense of hope by the article’s conclusion. He reported that the part-time librarian that extended the invitation for him to speak sent him an email advising that she wasn’t sorry that she had to face an onslaught of Karens. “I am not sorry I was involved,” she wrote.

As Cashill concluded, perhaps there is hope for America after all.

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