Ambassador to EU “Revises” Statement to Impeachment Panel

Ambassador to EU

The American Ambassador to the European Union has “revised” his testimony to Congress, after he decided he “now recalls” discussing a quid pro quo with a Ukrainian official. Gordon Sondland had previously told an impeachment hearing that he didn’t have any knowledge about this central point of the whole process. Aren’t we lucky his memory has magically improved?


The long-running Democrat campaign to remove President Trump by impeachment, so they don’t have to face him in another election, is currently centered on whether or not he offered Ukraine a quid pro quo deal — investigate Democrat presidential-wannabe Joe Biden for corruption, and get a military aid package in return.

  • Democrats claim that Trump used a legitimate foreign policy issue — the supply of military aid to Ukraine, which is currently locked in a conflict with Russia over some of its eastern territory — as leverage for his own political goals, and that he should be impeached over this.
  • They say the president threatened to withhold previously agreed upon aid unless Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, reopened an investigation into Biden’s son’s business dealings in the country. This investigation was shut down in 2016 under suspicious circumstances.
  • Unfortunately for them, there’s no evidence of any such deal. President Trump has denied the existence of a quid pro quo. So has President Zelensky. And the Dems’ killer evidence — what an anonymous whistleblower says someone else told him about a phone call between the two presidents — doesn’t mention one either.
  • Now Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the EU, has been called to give evidence to the impeachment hearings. Sondland first testified on October 17th, when he told Congress that he didn’t know why Ukraine’s military aid had been delayed.
  • Now Sondland has asked to change his testimony and is claiming that there is a link between the aid and the investigation into Biden’s involvement with the dropped corruption investigation.
  • Sondland claims his memory was “refreshed” after reading statements by the acting ambassador to Ukraine and a White House adviser. Now he says he told one of Zelensky’s advisers that the aid would probably not be delivered until Ukraine agreed to reopen the corruption investigation.
  • The thing is, as the White House pointed out in a statement Wednesday, Sondland has no evidence of a quid pro quo. He admits that he still doesn’t know why the aid was suspended and that he presumes it was linked to the Biden allegations.
  • It was bad enough when the Dems tried to build an impeachment case on hearsay. Now they’re allowing assumptions as evidence, too. It’s hard to see how this whole process could be any more of a politically-motivated witch hunt — but no doubt the Democrats will show us in the coming weeks.

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