Amazon Under Threat From Activists

Amazon Under Threat From Activists

The times of a relatively unregulated Amazon might be at an end.

Athena, a newly-formed coalition of anti-Amazon activist groups, is now putting the pressure on the internet marketing giant over a variety of topics. Comprised of over 30 groups, Athena is heavily focusing on issues like digital surveillance, warehouse working conditions and antitrust measures. The coalition believes that Amazon is too destructive in the communities where it has warehouses and distribution centers.

Amazon has been subjected to a variety of activist movements and worker strikes in the past; Athena is hoping to unify those movements while bringing more support into the picture.

A central question surrounding tech giants, like Amazon, is determining what to do with entities that become too big and powerful. Athena wants to answer this question through increased regulation and other measures.

Athena is described by some as a “grassroots democracy” movement. Whether it will truly represent the people or become bloated and corrupt like other worker unions remains to be seen. Currently, it seems too early to tell which way the pendulum will swing.

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