Amazon Sued Over Offer to Only Select Entrepreneurs

Amazon Sued Over Offer to Only Select Entrepreneurs

Amazon Sued Over This $10K Offer.

( – Amazon is being sued for racial discrimination after it offered a special deal to entrepreneurs — except white and Asian ones. The online retail giant says the program is part of its “Commitment to Diversity.” Aggrieved individuals say it’s racist and illegal.

On July 20, a Texas woman, Crystal Bolduc, filed a lawsuit against Amazon in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The suit alleges that by offering a $10,000 bonus to black, Hispanic and Native Americans who set up Amazon-sponsored delivery services, but denying the bonus to Asian-Americans or whites, Amazon is practicing “patently unlawful racial discrimination.” Bolduc wants the court to force the company to stop the scheme and pay damages to everyone who’s been refused a bonus because of their race.

The lawsuit also highlights another Amazon program, the “Black Business Accelerator,” which Bolduc says is racist, too. The “Accelerator” gives black-owned businesses that sell through Amazon a $500 payment to help with startup costs — but other races get nothing. Black-owned businesses get free business coaching, mentoring, and imaging services; non-blacks get nothing.

Amazon isn’t the only big business that runs racially discriminatory programs; others, including Google and Pfizer, offer their own minorities-only benefits. Should corporations be allowed to offer special treatment to minorities, or is racism always wrong?

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