Amazon Blocks 10 Billion Listings to Stop Counterfeit Products

Amazon Blocks 10 Billion Listings to Stop Counterfeit Products

( – Amazon became the online equivalent of the Wild West for counterfeiters. They got their products on the site using its third-party marketplace. After denying a problem existed for years, Amazon finally announced the launch of several tools to crack down on retailers selling fake goods in February 2019. Barely two years into the program, it appears to be a smashing success.

Amazon released its first-ever Brand Protection Report on May 9, 2021. It’s a comprehensive look at Amazon’s efforts to protect its customers from purchasing counterfeit items. Of particular concern was the boost in sales last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s a look at a few of the numbers presented by Amazon:

  • 10 thousand: the number of people hired by Amazon to participate in the program;
  • 2 million: the number of counterfeit products seized at Amazon fulfillment centers and destroyed so vendors couldn’t resell them elsewhere;
  • 6 million: the number of attempts to set up fake accounts blocked by Amazon before they could list any products on the site; and
  • 10 billion: the number of suspected listings of counterfeit items Amazon blocked from being published on the site.

Yes, Amazon’s watchdog report reads a bit like a sales pitch. But it’s nice to hear they are taking the problem seriously and trying to protect their customers at the same time.

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