Almost a Million Border Arrests in FY 2019

Almost a Million Border Arrests in FY 2019

Democrats continue trying to frustrate the president’s plans on border security. Presidential candidate Julian Castro personally lead a group of migrants across the border last week and everyone else in the party lined up to explain how they’d make it easier to get into the US and stay here. They insist there’s no migration crisis at our southern border. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials say they’re dead wrong — and they have the numbers to prove it.


Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan released the latest figures on illegal border crossings last week, and they make for terrifying reading. Crossing attempts aren’t under control; in fact, the 2019 financial year saw them rise to record levels, and the only thing preventing a total collapse of security are the heroic efforts of CBP agents and President Trump’s determination to improve security.

  • Through the fiscal year — October 1, 2018, to September 30, 2019 — almost a million enforcement actions were carried out at the southern US border. That’s the highest number ever recorded in a single year — and a massive 88% higher than in fiscal year 2018.
  • The biggest rise was in family units trying to cross. The 2019 numbers were more than three times as high as any other year on record. Unfortunately, family crossings are among the hardest and most expensive to deal with — and they’ve been politically weaponized by the Left.
  • Morgan told reporters, “These numbers are numbers that no immigration system in the world is designed to cope with, including ours.” He pointed out that border patrol stations aren’t designed to detain families; they’re basically police stations.
  • He also criticized the US immigration system itself, saying it’s full of loopholes that make it harder to deport illegals once they make it across the border. He said hundreds of thousands of families have been “told, coached and made to believe” that if they reach the border with a child they’ll be allowed to cross it. That raises the question of who’s coaching them — and how can they be stopped?
  • There was some good news. Morgan pointed out that numbers were at their worst earlier in the year, and peaked in May. Since then they’ve fallen by almost 65%, thanks to the administration’s success in negotiating deals with Central American countries and Mexico. Thousands of would-be immigrants were also sent back to Mexico to wait for their claims to be processed.
  • Finally, Morgan praised the construction of 71 miles of new wall in the highest-risk areas. If the full wall can be built, this problem can be solved for good. Sadly, left-wing politics is fueling this humanitarian tragedy instead

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