Alleged Ballot STUFFER Caught On Camera!

Alleged Ballot Stuffer Caught on Camera With Covered Up License Plate

Alleged Ballot Stuffer Caught on Camera With Covered Up License Plate

( – The midterm elections are still more than two weeks away, but an election integrity watchdog says the ballot stuffing operation has already begun. Box watchers in Arizona have spotted an anonymous car visiting ballot boxes. Are we heading for another disputed election?

On October 17, Melody Jennings, who founded the watchdog group Clean Elections USA, posted a message on Truth Social. She attached a photo of a car pulled up to a ballot drop in Phoenix — with a black cover over its license plate. In her message, which was reTruthed to his 4.32 million followers by former President Donald Trump, she urged people to save their vote for election day and not vote early.

Clean Elections USA has been monitoring and filming drop-off locations to deter ballot stuffing. Their work has attracted a lot of media attention, with camera crews turning up to film them filming the boxes — which Jennings has praised, saying having the media there increases the deterrent effect.

It seems the box watchers are also making ballot stuffers nervous. The man filmed in Phoenix obviously wanted to be anonymous, or he wouldn’t have concealed his license plate — which is unlawful in Arizona. That’s at least a suggestion of foul play, but will anything be done, or do Democrats depend too much on electoral dirty tricks to risk a fair election?

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