Allegations Against Supreme Court Justice Are Completely False, Source Shows

Allegations Against Supreme Court Justice Are Completely False, Source Shows

( – On Tuesday, January 18, longtime Supreme Court reporter Nina Totenberg published a shocking exposé for NPR. In it, she alleges a scandal between two justices, a conservative who disrespected a liberal colleague. As one might expect, a firestorm erupted on mainstream media outlets and social media sites. There’s just one problem. As it turned out, the report wasn’t true.

In her article, Totenberg claimed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor had to skip an argument session and the Court’s weekly conference meeting and participate remotely because her colleague, Justice Neil Gorsuch, refused to wear a mask in defiance of a standing order from Chief Justice John Roberts.

Citing unnamed sources, Totenberg alleged that Roberts ordered Gorsuch to wear the facial covering because Sotomayor has diabetes, a condition that puts her at risk of severe illness or potential death if she contracts COVID-19. However, according to Totenberg, Gorsuch refused the request, and Sotomayor had to participate remotely from her office.

On Wednesday, Justices Sotomayor and Gorsuch issued a joint statement addressing the false claim. They said the allegation “surprised us. It is false.” They also noted that although they disagree over legal points from time to time, they remain “warm colleagues and friends.”

A few hours later, Chief Justice Roberts issued a statement through the Supreme Court’s public information office. The report confirmed he didn’t ask Gorsuch “or any other justice” to wear a mask during the Court’s conference meeting.

Not known for backing down, NPR published an article later on Wednesday stating “NPR stands by its reporting.” Doubling down on a false report and calling two respected Supreme Court justices liars…Just Wow!

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