All Hell Breaks Loose at US-Mexico Border

All Hell Breaks Loose at US-Mexico Border
All Hell Breaks Loose at US-Mexico Border

Part of the massive caravan making its way through Central America and Mexico has officially arrived in Tijuana as of Monday, November 19. The massive group is already putting pressure on local residents, leading to clashes and protests on both sides.

Key Facts

• The caravan’s population in the tiny border town is just 3,000 as of right now. But officials believe this is just one part of a much larger group comprised of 10,000 or more people, most of whom have yet to arrive.
• The U.S. Government is beefing up military coverage along the border at Tijuana in an effort to prevent access. Clashes between the migrants and the military are not only possible, but also expected.
• Currently, migrants who arrive at the border have the option to claim asylum and be permitted entry into the country, with support, as a refugee. President Trump has vowed to end the option to apply for asylum altogether, most likely because of the potential for those who don’t really need asylum to try and claim it as an easy in to the US.
• It’s difficult to know just how many of the people who enter the country are legitimate refugees, versus criminals, con artists, or gang members. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (US CBP) states that nearly 61,000 people showed evidence of potential red flags after applying for asylum in the first part of the fiscal year for 2019.
• Tijuana’s residents were heard chanting at the approaching caravan loudly on Sunday night, shouting, “Out! Out!” and “We don’t want you here!” in Spanish. Oddly enough, this is the same thing many of us have been shouting in the U.S., too.