Alabama Woman’s Boyfriend Releases Statement after Her Return Home

( – Last Thursday, Carlee Russell disappeared from a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. Police launched a search for the missing woman — but then she reappeared on Saturday night. Now her boyfriend has released a cryptic message hinting that she was abducted.

On July 13, 25-year-old Russell called 911 to report a toddler she’d seen walking, apparently alone, beside a nearby interstate in the Hoover suburb of Birmingham. Then she stopped her car to investigate — and went silent in the middle of a call with her mother. Talitha Robinson-Russell told a local TV station she heard her daughter ask the child if they were OK, and then a scream. Worried, she called the police, who found Russell’s car abandoned beside the highway and immediately launched a search. The case attracted national publicity, but no sign of Russell was found for two days.

Then, on Saturday night, Hoover Police Department got a call to say Russell was home. Medics visited, then took her to the University of Alabama hospital for evaluation; she’s now been released and has given a statement to police. So far there’s no clue where she spent the missing 48 hours.

Just to deepen the mystery, on July 16 Russell’s boyfriend, Thomar Simmons, posted a message on Instagram. In the post, he claimed Russell had been “fighting for her life” while she was gone. He asked readers to be “respectful of Carlee’s situation” and referred to “her kidnapper.” Obviously, abduction was always a likely explanation for her disappearance, but so far Simmons is the only one to state it openly. He also mentioned “the false allegations about [him] having something to do with her abduction.”

The same day, a Hoover police spokesman told journalists that no more information about Russell’s condition or why she disappeared is available right now, but that the investigation into her disappearance is continuing.

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