Airstrike Kills 40 In Afghanistan – US Gets The Blame…

Airstrike Kills 40 In Afghanistan - US Gets The Blame...

( – Someone is apparently waging a war on terror in Afghanistan, but who?

On July 22, several Afghan news agencies reported that US forces had carried out an airstrike, killing over 40 people, including several Taliban commanders. The story has even made it to the US media, with a garbled report appearing in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the same day.

Missiles Launched

The problem is the strike was actually carried out by the Afghan National Army, and it’s been condemned by the US special envoy Afghanistan. Zalmay Khalilzad, who’s working to start peace talks between all groups involved in the ongoing conflict, also called for an investigation into civilian deaths in the attack.

Afghan defense minister Asadullah Khalid says the government will investigate the Taliban claims that eight civilians were killed in the strike. What’s notable is that apart from the report in the Journal-Constitution, the MSM has ignored the story. It’s especially odd since typically, if anyone claims a US attack has killed civilians, the media is all over it.

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