Airstrike Eliminates Terrorists Who Ambushed US Troops (REPORT)

As Economy Emerges From Pandemic Inflation Predictably Skyrockets
As Economy Emerges From Pandemic Inflation Predictably Skyrockets

( – President Donald Trump has rooted out and killed terrorists across the globe. His defeat of ISIS is one of the biggest accomplishments of his administration. The commander-in-chief believes protecting American troops is a top priority for his administration and military leaders. Because of his commitment, six more extremists are dead.

On August 24, American military forces carried out an airstrike in Somalia after al-Shabab terrorists attacked Somali forces while US troops were nearby. US Africa Command released a statement about the incident, confirming it was the result of an attack by the al-Qaida-linked extremists.

Al-Shabab is an active terrorist group in Africa. Under President Trump, the US military has conducted more airstrikes against the Islamic extremists. Although no Americans were injured in the conflict this week, the organization has been responsible for killing US troops in the past.

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