Airman’s Wife Attempts to Have Him Poisoned

( – News reports exploded over the weekend after law enforcement officials arrested an airman’s wife for attempting to poison him. Here’s what we know so far.

Beginning on Friday, August 4, media outlets started reporting details of the arraignment of Melody Felicano Johnson earlier that day. A grand jury indicted her on three charges related to her alleged actions against her husband, Roby Johnson.

  1. Domestic violence: attempted first-degree murder
  2. Domestic violence: attempted aggravated assault/serious physical injury
  3. Adding a poison/harmful substance to food or drink

The case began when Roby Johnson, a member of the US Air Force, told investigators he noticed his coffee started tasting strange while he was stationed in Germany in March. He said he purchased pool testing strips and confirmed the presence of chlorine in the coffee pot but not in the water coming from the faucet. However, he decided not to report anything to the local authorities. Instead, he pretended to drink his coffee and waited to report the matter to US law enforcement officials.

An interim complaint and arrest warrant filed by the Tucson Police Department on July 18 indicated the couple returned to the US in late June after Johnson’s transfer to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Air Force officials housed them in temporary housing at a hotel located on the base.

Roby Johnson set up a camera at the hotel and reportedly captured his wife pouring bleach into the coffee maker on video. Officers at the police station’s front desk took a report, but investigators didn’t follow up since the clip wasn’t clear.

Johnson installed three cameras in the couple’s permanent housing unit on July 7. He placed one in the laundry room where they stored the bleach, one directly over the coffee pot, and one that showed the view from the laundry room to the kitchen.

Then, on July 18, Johnson took multiple videos to the Tucson Police Department. They showed his wife transferring bleach to a container and pouring it into the coffee maker. Officers obtained the necessary signatures on the interim order and arrested Melody Johnson. She immediately invoked her right to an attorney and was detained without questioning.

Records from the Pima County Sheriff’s Office indicated they are holding Melody Johnson without bail. It remains unclear if or when the court scheduled her next hearing.

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