AI Wrote a Fox News Host’s On-Air Script

AI Wrote a Fox News Host's On-Air Script

( – A Fox News host discussed artificial intelligence on Sunday, saying that while the technology could threaten jobs, it also brings opportunities. The short talk had a sting in its tail, though. After he’d finished delivering it, Steve Hilton revealed that a machine had written his words.

On December 11, Hilton, the host of Fox’s “The Next Revolution,” opened his show with a monologue about the pluses and minuses of AI technology. Some people might have wondered why he chose to start with “Good evening fellow Americans” — he’s from London — but apart from that, his opening remarks blended smoothly with the rest of the show. Then, probably to his audience’s surprise, Hilton announced that the speech had been written with ChatGPT, an online AI program.

In fact, Hilton might have accidentally sabotaged his own point. The machine-written intro said AI could free us from “mundane tasks” and give us more spare time for “creative and meaningful” ones. The problem is, the task he used it for — writing — is one of those that’s usually thought of as creative and meaningful.

Yes, AI can do mundane tasks, but as the technology improves, it’s also moving into the creative fields Hilton says it can let us focus on. He used AI to make a point, but could it replace him someday?

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