AG Warns of Dangerous China Agenda

AG Warns of Dangerous China Agenda

( – The attorney general has warned the US – and the rest of the Western world – that the biggest danger facing us is the Chinese Communist Party and its ambitions of domination. Painting a horrifying picture of China’s activities and the threat they pose to US jobs and national security, he left no doubt about how seriously the administration is taking this threat.


Right now everyone’s focused on the coronavirus pandemic and the seemingly endless chaos being caused by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. However, the attorney general reminded us Thursday there’s a much bigger threat out there – and it shows no signs of going away.

  • Addressing an event at the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum, Attorney General Bill Barr called China’s quest for superpower status “the most important issue for our nation and the world in the 21st Century.”
  • Barr described China’s strategy as an “economic blitzkrieg” aimed at dominating the economy and replacing the US as the world’s richest and most powerful nation. He made it clear — no sector is safe from Chinese attacks, with China making inroads into entertainment as well as tech and pharmaceuticals.
  • The problem, as Barr explained, is China’s tactics aren’t always ethical or even legal. Industrial espionage, theft of intellectual property and cyberattacks on competitors are all used as economic weapons to build Chinese dominance.
  • The Communist country also works to influence our institutions in a way Barr described as exploiting their openness to destroy them. There have been a series of scandals involving China using academics at American universities to either steal information or spread pro-communist propaganda.
  • According to Barr, the US already depends on China to a dangerous extent in some fields. For example, many drugs made in the US still depend on ingredients mostly made in China. If the communists decided to withhold these, it could result in dangerous outcomes. China also dominates the market in rare earth minerals used to make many electronic devices.
  • Barr criticized many American businesses that, he said, have made deals with China that deliver a short-term profit but hand technology, influence or outright power to China. He said Hollywood is now censoring movies to avoid upsetting China.

This isn’t the first time Barr has warned against China and its predatory tactics; in February, he said that Chinese dominance of 5G data networks could be a disaster for the US. However, on Thursday he went a lot further – and there’s no doubt the administration believes this is a real threat to our way of life.

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